Digital Health
for the GCC

Supporting digital health companies access the many opportunities in the GCC
GIH assists international digital health companies understand, enter, develop, grow, and expand in the GCC.

As a trusted partner, we help our clients build sustainable and long lasting partnerships that have significant impact on their expansion plans.

Why the GCC?

The healthcare sector in the GCC has witnessed rapid growth during the pandemic, and this progress continues unabated. Regional governments understand that they can reap considerable advantages from digital technology, such as improved coordination of care, real-time monitoring of chronic conditions, enhanced accuracy in diagnosis, and more efficient treatments…
Saudi investment in healthcare infrastructure by 2030
GCC Digital Health Market expected
to reach by 2028
UAE hospitals use
IoT-based solutions

We help companies expand their business to the GCC

Global Innovative Health (GIH) are embarking on an exciting and ambitious journey as the trusted partner to support the entry of the most promising digital health solution providers into the GCC market…

Our process to support you

Review value propositions to determine market fit
Craft and create regional narrative around solution
Introduce solutions to relevant stakeholders
Support business development activities through to sale


Market Representation
Business Development
Strategic Advisory
Investment Raising
The GIH team are “relentless in finding the right person in a complex organisation.”
“…they are genuinely interested in everyone they meet, and people can tell that, so they open up and trust the Global Innovative Health team”
Mohammed Al-Ubaydil
CEO, Patients Know Best

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